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ref : 132003

Distance from London:

ref : 185563

Country estate within its own valley. Large manor with period interiors adjoining a second manor with a more modern interior. Luxury attic apartment, huge ballroom, huge indoor pool, converted barn, lake, mill house, stables, paddocks, woodlands, marsh, bridges, wooded valleys, marshy valley and farmland. Great potencial as a multi site.

Distance from London:
23 miles

ref : 132360

Underground car park availabel for filming and stills.

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ref : 914149

This Old RAF station, exclusive to LocationHQ has large hardstanding areas suitable for set builds and unit basing. Within easy reach of both Pinewood and Leavesden.  Derelict buildings in various states of decay. Works very well as a war zone

Distance from London:
19 miles

ref : 168989

Central London unit base.

Distance from London:
4 Miles