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ref : 233295




New Exclusive to Location HQ. Vast empty school and college in Slough. Classrooms, workshops, playgrounds, playing fields, theatre, gym, dance studios, sports hall, laboratories, staff room, long corridors, canteen, dining hall, exterior hardstanding, school garden and car park. Would work well as a production base with great facilities, offices, workshops, unit base, exterior hardstanding build spaces and Interiors build spaces. Brutalist and cast concrete exteriors that could double well as an Industrial site, police station or government buildings. Empty unused roadways for stunts.

Distance from london

24 miles


Schools, Colleges and Universities, Education and Sport, Exclusive Locations


Retro, Empty, Brutalist , Build Space, Labratory, Exclusive Locations, Multisites, Public buildings, commercial multisite, Derelict and empty, Retro homes, Empty and derelict, Theatre, Set build space


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Other notes

Unit base on site.