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ref : 269951

Multiple greenhouses and glasshouses. Huge scale.

Distance from London:
50 Miles from the M25

ref : 408536

Large country estate with Georgian manor house.  Great range of rooms. Rare mezzanine reception, perfect for dramas. Painted wood panelling. Swimming pool, tennis courts, gardens greenhouses, stables and outhouses. Large farming estate with empty farmhouse, ponds, woodlands, milking sheds, fields and barns. Private estate roads that double well for country public roads. Extensive woodlands. Plenty of flat areas for builds. Undulation in other parts of the estate. Extensive farmland with various crops.

Distance from London:
26 miles from the M25

ref : 180103

A lake surrounded idiylic countryside, sweeping fields, beautifully placed trees and fences with specatular views and sunsets. 

Distance from London:

ref : 187471

The largest barn in London. Only a couple of miles from the M25.

Distance from London:
2 Miles

ref : 159632

Expansive lavender and hop farm set within a valley. Lovely family very film friendly. Short distance from the M25.

Distance from London:
13 miles