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ref : 389540

Old RAE Bedford. Also known as Twinwoods Business Park. Once a military testing facility. A huge range of spaces: Warehouses, production offices, set build warehouses, basements, tunnels, labs, tunnels, courtyards, roads and testing facilities. 

Distance from London:
44 Miles from the M25

ref : 977400

A Location HQ Exclusive Collection. The Dominion Theatre. Unique Art Deco design. Plenty of availability and happy to take shoots during the day, should they have an evening performance.

Distance from London:
Central London

ref : 186588

Art Deco chairman's office with original features.

Distance from London:
East London

ref : 133507

Offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, staircase and toilets.

Distance from London:
Greater London

ref : 572447

Art deco mechanics and tyre shop garage. A short drive from the M25. happy to close on a weekday.

Distance from London:
8 Miles from the M25