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ref : 319395

Wonderfully preserved railway. Locomotives and carriages from most periods available. Multiple stations, ticket offices and tunnels. Happy to close and totally controllable, including your own private line.

Distance from London:
24 miles from the M25

ref : 742427

Vehicle testing facility. Alpine roads, dual carriageways, motorway, skid pans, forest roads, 4x4 tracks, hill courses, multiple surfaces, unit parking, conference facilities and all stunts considered. Most varied tracks in England.

Distance from London:
27 Miles from the M25

ref : 154901

Test track. Doubles well for country roads. Perfect for stunts.

Distance from London:
2 Miles from the M25

ref : 116194

Sporting cages under a London flyover. Gritty, cast concrete, brutalist and urban. Great for all filming.

Distance from London:
West London