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ref : 138779

Moated manor house with parkland, tree-lined road, outbuildings, stables, walled garden and swimming pool. Drawbridge and courtyard. Varied interiors that included: lounges, dining halls, grand staircases, great hall, bedrooms and a fantastic double height kitchen. 

Distance from London:
64 Miles

ref : 142876

Spectacular moated castle. One of the closest castle options to London.

Distance from London:
24 Miles

ref : 669204

Moated Castle with tudor village available for filming.

Distance from London:
9 miles from the M25

ref : 742382

Moated Castle, manor house with a gatehouse, great hall and extensive grounds. One of only a few castles within easy reach of London.

Distance from London:
69 Miles from the M25

ref : 131236

Gothic Castle with a moat, chapel, cloisters, banqueting hall, and clock tower. Excellent prison double. Outstanding cloisters.

Distance from London:
5 Miles from the M25