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ref : 815860

Gargantuan industrial site. Currently unoccupied. Only 10 miles from the M25. Huge range of industrial spaces. Roadways, piers, chimneys, industrial ponds, storage towers, offices, port terminals, transport terminals, warehouses, control rooms, ship docking, huge cranes, vast hard standing, production offices, to name a few. A playground for action films. Multiple set builds possible.

Distance from London:
10 miles from the M25

ref : 930908

Container port City. Available 7 days a week. Controllable. 

Distance from London:
East London

ref : 765763

Factory space with lounge area and outside courtyard. Available for events and filming.

Distance from London:
5 Miles

ref : 110725

London dock with passenger terminal, gangways and ramps. Only used part time.

Distance from London:
8 miles

ref : 104969

Harbour with wet and dry dock. Cranes, containers ships and boats.  Warehouses modern and derlict. Industrial Multisite.

Distance from London:
54 Miles