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ref : 487117

Ultra modern house. Positioned on a lake island set within its own valley. Outstanding landscape. Available for filming.

Distance from London:
24 miles from the M25

ref : 297699

Wonderful Indo-Victorian architecture. Doubles well as a colonial house and Indian house. Great natural light.

Distance from London:
46 Miles

ref : 198425

Stately home within the M25 with wood panelled rooms, performance space and reception rooms. Available for filming and events.

Distance from London:
Within M25

ref : 121557

English stately home with collonade entrance and ornate interiors. Available for filming and events. 

Distance from London:
65 Miles

ref : 593540

Georgian terrace with architect modelled interiors, home office spaces, exquisite bathroom and modern kitchen. Available for filming and photography.

Distance from London:
Central London