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ref : 823759

Jacobean gothic manor house with lavish interiors including a full height vaulted atrium space, grand staircase, and wood paneled rooms. Available for filming and photography. 

Distance from London:
86 Miles

ref : 265029

Roof top view of the London skyline including Big Ben, the London Eye, St Paul's, Nelson's column and the thames. As famously used in James Bond, Skyfall. Available for filming.

Distance from London:
Central London

ref : 151820

Rooftop location with views over London and surrounding landscape including motorways and forest. Available for filming. Is arguably the most famous piece of council house architecture in London.

Distance from London:
West London

ref : 237837

Incredible, large-scale art deco / modernist building with exhibition spaces, empty office space, ornate spiral stair and communal spaces. Available for filming

Distance from London:
70 Miles

ref : 111783

Multi-story car park with open rooftop and views to urban landscape. Perfect for stunts, events, photography and filming. A generic view could be any City in the world. 

Distance from London:
South London