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ref : 208254

Great country house. Wonderful swimming pool.

Distance from London:
South West London

ref : 170899

Three apartments with the same owner. White pallete throughout. Artists studio. Hydro swimming pool.

Distance from London:

ref : 124531

Suburban family home in art deco style. Set in large grounds with garden, patio, driveway and roof terraces. Available for filming and photography.

Distance from London:
Just outside M25

ref : 199013

Cuckmere Haven Coastal Cottages for filming. Wonderful coastal cottage beach house for filming. Spectacular view. Great beach access. Cliff views.

Distance from London:
50 Miles

ref : 174720

1920s white art deco house set in full street of the same style, full residential interior and roof terrace available for filming. 

Distance from London: