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ref : 499280

Gothic Manor House with both modern and traditional interior.  

Distance from London:
57 Miles

ref : 742382

Moated Castle, manor house with a gatehouse, great hall and extensive grounds. One of only a few castles within easy reach of London.

Distance from London:
69 Miles from the M25

ref : 327779

Victorian London Mansion with neo gothic interior. Wood panelled rooms, marble fireplace, panelled hallway. Courtyard. Doubles well as an institute, lavish headquarters and gentleman's club.

Distance from London:
Within M25

ref : 118163

Private school. Huge range of spaces. Lecture theatre, classrooms and halls.

Distance from London:
Inside the M25

ref : 337037

Wonderful retro offices. Available on a weekday. Splendid wood panelling.

Distance from London:
Central London