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ref : 182474

Institute with grand hall. Dining room and club rooms. The grand hall is spectacular, multiple levels with wonderful shots from the roof onto the hall. Could work well as a stately home, manor house and a ballroom.

Distance from London:
Central London

ref : 153260

Beautiful Edwardian arts and craftshouse with an artists studio. Preserved interiors.

Distance from London:
North London

ref : 775397

Penthouse. Minimalist white apartment with large roof terrace with views over London

Distance from London:
Central East London

ref : 511145

Exquisite contemporary modern home with steel beams, glass and an indoor pool. 

Distance from London:
Inside the M25

ref : 153043

Wonderful ultra modern house set within it's own isolated setting. Wonderful shots from the surrounding hills. Open plan. Great natural light. Swimming pool. Perfect for an action sequence.

Distance from London:
21 miles form the M25