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ref : 150479

A disused bunker with control rooms, derelict office space and corridors with an impressive exterior. 

Distance from London:
47 miles from the M25

ref : 729649

Military Prison and storage facility. Doubles well as a military camp, immigration centre, military base and POW concentration camp. Remote location with no public access. Easily double for mainland Europe, America and Russia. 

Distance from London:
47 Miles from the M25

ref : 982566

Decommissioned WW2 military base.

Distance from London:
17 Miles from M25

ref : 317120

First World War RAF military base with grass airfield. Military offices, huts, medical and small hangars.

Distance from London:
22 miles from the M25

ref : 701731

 Underground tunnels,historic Fort, soldiers barracks, dining rooms, air raid shelter and munition stores. Once used for French prisoners of war.

Distance from London:
15 Miles from the M25