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ref : 151275

Decaying distressed chapel. Forgotten and used as storage for years. Now available for filming and photography.

Distance from London:
South London

ref : 246749

Disused Orphanage with plenty of outbuidings, could easily be used as a hospital or asylum. Great distressed interiors and red brick exterior. Available for filming and events.

Distance from London:
216 Miles

ref : 158596

Victorian Gothic Mansion. Decaying and distressed. Set within a valley. Great drive that meanders through the valley. Construction of the property was halted after the owner bankrupted himself building the manor. Still unfinished. Completely unique.  

Distance from London:
93 Miles

ref : 149505

Manor House in the Oxfordshire countryside. Distressed walls and large empty rooms. Faded grandeur. Period features including large tudor style section and Gothic revival Library. One of the best faded grand interiors in the UK. Would double well as a school and a distressed hotel.

Distance from London:
56 miles from the M25

ref : 183057

Built during the reign of Queen Anne this versitile location has different styles throughout with stripped-down walls, quirky props, distressed rooms, grand piano, numerous staircases.  The large windows allow excellent natural light. Faces the Thames with river access.


Distance from London:
South East London