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ref : 704328

Wonderful distressed white Victorian warhouses.

Distance from London:
14 Miles from the M25

ref : 199711

A warren of underground tunnels, rooms and passageways. Doubles as a mine, fort and bunker.

Distance from London:
17 Miles from he M25

ref : 116194

Sporting cages under a London flyover. Gritty, cast concrete, brutalist and urban. Great for all filming.

Distance from London:
West London

ref : 135434

Wonderfully preserved Georgian townhouse. Preserved in time. 

Distance from London:
East London

ref : 209710

Photographic studio. Quirky loft space with eclectic props. Lovely distressed white textures. Once a Victorian warehouse attic. Would play well as a warehouse apartment.

Distance from London:
North London