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ref : 586030

Science multisite with offices, warehouse, laboratories, offices, lobbys and manufacturing facilites

Distance from London:
61 Miles from the M25

ref : 364377

Expansive Victorian Indutrial Complex. Yards, docks, walkways, streets, cobbled streets and alleys. A whole film or a television series could be shot here with the great range of options.

Distance from London:
18 miles from the M25

ref : 146344

Military testing warehouse hangar. Huge fan. Various scientific apparatuses. Tunnel. 

Distance from London:
17 Miles outside M25

ref : 209710

Photographic studio. Quirky loft space with eclectic props. Lovely distressed white textures. Once a Victorian warehouse attic. Would play well as a warehouse apartment.

Distance from London:
North London

ref : 192870

Country Cottage available for filming. Very flexible on changes and empty all year.

Distance from London:
Within M25