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ref : 167080

An elegant townhouse set on the outskirts of London. The property has oak pannelled rooms, period staircases, low level dados and original floors with views of both the city and the Thames river.

Distance from London:
South East London

ref : 165547

Empty restaurant available for filming on a weekday. Views of the Thames. Great ceiling height. Tables and chairs available. 

Distance from London:
South West London

ref : 102890

Military Data Centre for filming. Double well as an open plan bunker.

Distance from London:
47 Miles from the M25

ref : 134235

Victorian warehouse with skylights. Used as a tram shed tram depot and now unused.

Distance from London:
15 Miles

ref : 729649

Military Prison and storage facility. Doubles well as a military camp, immigration centre, military base and POW concentration camp. Remote location with no public access. Easily double for mainland Europe, America and Russia. 

Distance from London:
47 Miles from the M25