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ref : 154998

Wonderful Stately home. Eclectic in styles: Cheateu, renaissance and gothic. Great range of rooms.

Distance from London:
28 miles from the M25

ref : 502467

Art Deco location with period features, hidden door panels and 1930's bathroom.

Distance from London:
South East London

ref : 152454

Manor House. Set on it's own hill with views of marshlands and windmills. Picturesque setting with river access.

Distance from London:
113 miles from the M25

ref : 109298

Wonderful London manor house. Could easily also pass as a townhouse. Preserved in time. Great for period projects. Full of texture and quirkiness.

Distance from London:
South West London

ref : 118418

Ornate stately home with lavish interiors and an unusual exterior. Waterfront location. Available for filming and events.

Distance from London:
100 Miles