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ref : 115735

Great sports hall. Brutalist cast concrete structure with skylights. Perfect for filming or fashion shows. 

Distance from London:
East London

ref : 408547

Ultra Modern School available for filming holidays and weekends.

Distance from London:
North West London

ref : 186242

Wonderful empty swimming pool and public baths. Grand decaying distress, full of texture and character.

Distance from London:
208 miles from the M25

ref : 100275

Brutalist, cast concrete, retro swimming pool. Great side light and lines. Very few left in London.

Distance from London:
South London

ref : 116345

East London Sports Ground. 5 aside football cage. Grassed football pitches. Changing rooms, tiled shower rooms, locker rooms, saunas, club hall with small stage and bar. Reasonably priced.

Distance from London:
East London