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ref : 419712

Overgrown greenhouses, greenhouses, outhouses, barns, fields, trenches and paddocks.

Distance from London:
17 Miles from the M25

ref : 261193

Private aircraft hangar with modern finish, polished concrete floors, rooflights and office space. Available for filming.

Distance from London:
40 Miles

ref : 651897

Brutalist cast concrete underground space available for filming. A secret gem. Double to triple height ceilings. Tunnel complexes. Concrete stairs and concrete pillars. Great parking and Unit Base.

Distance from London:
16 Miles

ref : 150538

Old Victorian Industrial works with machinery, distressed walls and skylights. Suitable for events, filming and photoshoots.

Distance from London:
East London

ref : 548236

Huge warehouse hangar space. Proven set build space success. Perfect for multiple set builds and stunt sequences.

Distance from London:
37 Miles from the M25