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ref : 146587

Stylish central London office block. Lobby, offices, boardrooms, conference rooms, lounge and corridors. Weekends and bank holidays availble for filming. 

Distance from London:
Central London

ref : 131602

Wonderfully distressed office building in a converted, red-brick Victorian, Theatre. Vast vacant office floors, marbled columned reception area, great double for a hotel or private members reception, rooftop views with City of London backdrops, beautiful arched and circular windows, underground parking, and production office areas. Could double as a Victorian hospital exterior. Centrally located in central London. All dates and times are available for filming.

Distance from London:
Central London

ref : 174785

Exclusive to Location HQ. Vast Staffordshire sand quarry, with set build space, unit basing, woodland, roads, ponds and industrial decay.Wonderful international double. Close to Liverpool and Manchester studios.

Distance from London:
144 miles from the 25

ref : 895666

Exclusive to Location HQ, Corah textiles mill and industrial multi-site. Sprawling Victorian factory with warehouses. Incredible grand industrial decay, huge flat rooftops, New York style fire escapes, urban backdrops, wrought iron gangways. Vast red brick buildings and wonderful textures. Areas for set build spaces, unit basing and tech parking. Some sections of the site are used, but the owners are happy to clear areas, clear courtyards, clear streets of cars, totally flexible and accommodating. Playground for filming.

Distance from London:
81 miles from the M25

ref : 153701

Exclusive to LocationHQ this empty hotel in Croydon. Bar area, bedrooms, lobby, restaurants, disco, ballroom, reception area, underground car park and industrial kitchen.

Distance from London:
Within M25