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ref : 389540

Old RAE Bedford. Also known as Twinwoods Business Park. Once a military testing facility. A huge range of spaces: Warehouses, production offices, set build warehouses, basements, tunnels, labs, tunnels, courtyards, roads and testing facilities. 

Distance from London:
44 Miles from the M25

ref : 204198

Central London Venue with large main hall, wood panelled rooms, library and bar. Great height with multiple 360 degree balconies. Great natural light. Available for filming and photography. 

Distance from London:
Central London

ref : 261193

Private aircraft hangar with modern finish, polished concrete floors, rooflights and office space. Available for filming.

Distance from London:
40 Miles

ref : 119967

Military fort with underground tunnels, gun turrets and gatehouse.

Distance from London:
8 Miles outside M25