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ref : 704979

Huge gothic manor house interior. Certainly the best manor within reasonable distance of the M25. Great range of rooms with frescos, grand hall and grand staircase.

Distance from London:
76 miles outside the M25

ref : 154998

Wonderful Stately home. Eclectic in styles: Cheateu, renaissance and gothic. Great range of rooms.

Distance from London:
28 miles from the M25

ref : 207315

Institutional building. Courtyards, keeps, gatehouses, cloisters, clock tower and long walls.

Distance from London:
4 Miles

ref : 179157

Central London palace with beautiful interiors in a neo-classical style. Central double height hall with grand stair, reception and dining rooms. Available for filming and events.

Distance from London:

ref : 496031

Palladian Country house, with church, follies and vast parkland. 

Distance from London:
44 Miles to the M25