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ref : 389540

Old RAE Bedford. Also known as Twinwoods Business Park. Once a military testing facility. A huge range of spaces: Warehouses, production offices, set build warehouses, basements, tunnels, labs, tunnels, courtyards, roads and testing facilities. 

Distance from London:
44 Miles from the M25

ref : 180524

North London Production offices

Distance from London:
North London

ref : 695984

Art deco offices open plan, great sizes. Multiple empty floors. All availble on a weekday.

Distance from London:
West London

ref : 611337

Great production base. Storage, warehouses, workshops and offices.

Distance from London:
North West London

ref : 188436

Ideal space for production offices in empty commercial building in east London. Unit base on site and plenty of crew parking.

Distance from London:
East London