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ref : 109817

Fantastic railway. Railway stations, lines, depot, various platforms, trains and locomotives. Fully functional with a range of carriages and trains from different periods. Controllable and closeable. Locomotives, trains and carriages are also available for hire and can be collected.

Distance from London:
34 Miles from the M25

ref : 319395

Wonderfully preserved railway. Locomotives and carriages from most periods available. Multiple stations, ticket offices and tunnels. Happy to close and totally controllable, including your own private line.

Distance from London:
24 miles from the M25

ref : 137519

An underground colonnade with ornate vaulted brickwork ceiling forms part of a disused underground station which also boasts a network of tunnels. 

Distance from London:
10 Miles

ref : 166233

Art Deco building with vaulted ceiling available for events and filming. Wonderful grand hall. Doubles well as a religious building and transport terminal.

Distance from London:
West London

ref : 134780

Disused underground station available for filming. Platforms and tunnels. Great state of distressed decay.

Distance from London:
Central London