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How much does it cost?

It is free to list on our website. No fees are payable until we have a paying job.

Do I have to take a project once I am on the website?

No. Take a break anytime or if you don’t fancy the shoot don’t do it.

Does the building need to be vacant?


Who pays for electricity, gas and water?

Meter readings will be taken at the start of the shoot and at the end of the shoot and production will pay for these. Deposits are taken as security.

What about health and safety?

Health and safety come first. Method statements and risk assessments are submitted and discussed where needed. We are happy to organise a safety briefing if you are a high-risk site.

What happens if the property is damaged whilst being used?

Any damage is repaired to your satisfaction. All properties are checked at the start and end of a shoot for this reason.

Are all productions insured?

All productions carry between 5-10 million in liability insurance.

Who secures the site during the shoot?

The production company does, and we keep a close eye on this while also working closely with on-site security firms. For sensitive sites we can check names and car registrations of all people entering and we will always endeavour to make introductions in advance and discuss any concerns.

What happens if the building is in a bad state of repair?

We will assess it from a site visit. We have brought many neglected buildings back to life with their owners’ support.

Does it matter if the building is grade listed?

No. We work in grade-listed buildings regularly but take many extra precautions.

What about the Council?

Film is booming in the UK and the Councils are supportive of filming on sites. In many instances filming can create new lines of communication with the Council that can create more positive relations and therefore can be critical in helping secure future long-term plans for the building.

What happens after I register my property as a filming location?

We will start marketing on our site and across social media formats.

Do you accept every registration?

We do not take all filming locations submitted; we get over a thousand each year. We try to generate a concise database of varying filming locations, that meet our customer’s filming locations brief requirements.

How often will my location get used for filming?

It is hard to predict how often your location gets used for filming. Our most used site this year hosted over 180 days of filming. Why does it get so many days? The right geographic placement, address is close to the M25, wonderful site, great setting, quick recce turnaround, and accommodating owners with a desire for filming. We have some residential sites only doing a few days of filming a year because the geography placement doesn’t come up often or the brief is requested rarely.

What happens on a recce (crew visits)?

This is when a production visits locations to check the viability of filming at the location for the brief they have. This could potentially be more than once depending on size of production.

How much can I earn from using my property as a film location?

Properties come in all shapes and sizes and can fetch very different prices. It is important to bear in mind that location fees are entirely dependent on the size, as well as duration and length of production

Do I have to agree to everything the film production wants?

No, but you will get more filming location work, the more flexible you are the more attractive your location will become.

What can I do to make my filming locations more popular?

Respond to recce requests quickly. We will be asking multiple parties, and you are in a race. Present the filming locations well on any visits, and be as accommodating as possible.

Do I need to inform my neighbours?

It is the location department’s responsibility for smoothing neighbour relations during the shoot. It is certainly polite to give them a warning before the shoot yourself but production will notify them anyway. A regular chat with your neighbours about the weather or Arsenal’s latest win, will lay wonderful ground work.

Will I need to move out?

No. But if you would prefer to be somewhere else you can. Some productions will often offer to put you up in a local hotel if the filming is particularly disruptive. Different people, different approach, but we recommend you leave as much as possible to us and put your feet up.