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Joshua Benedetti – Location scout

Fast X/Bond 25/Jurassic World/Spider-man/Indiana Jones/Transformers/Bourne/Avengers

Most importantly: Response times are great on new briefs, making life easier when you are under pressure to deliver. Most recces are hosted which takes the hassle out of a recce and a member of the team has been present at all our confirmed shoots, all day, every day. They go above and beyond.

Alex Gladstone – Supervising Location Manager

Saving Private Ryan/Band of Brothers/Pirates of the Caribbean/ Ex Machina/28 Days Later/Sherlock Holmes

Location HQ is a unique library in that they were set up by perhaps the foremost location scout in the industry. This means that they have a unique insight into the dynamics of a project – the way in which the Location Manager works with both the Production Designer and the Producers in order to fit any given brief.

They are always one of the first places that I turn to when starting work on a new film or TV show, or as a brief evolves and adapts. They are small enough to be nimble, large enough to have extensive scope and reach………And Phil is funny too.

Charlie Woods – Designer

Avengers/Men in Black/Thor/Guardians of the Galaxy/Doctor Strange

Phil and Location HQ have assisted with scouting for me on a number of my Marvel projects over the years. They are creative, dependable and a valuable asset behind the camera.

Scott Lumpkin  – Executive Producer

Doctor Sleep/The Foreigner/Reminiscence

Location HQ and Phil were a wonderful help scouting our locations and helping reduce logistical issues at our locations.

Curtis Burrell – Location Manager

The Critic

You guys were fantastic and went above & beyond.

Asha Sharma – Key Location Manager

Bourne/James Bond/Spider-man/X-Men/Guardians of the Galaxy/Thor

There is a great range of locations, and they understand the briefs I am working on which provides a fast turnarounds on options and recces. They keep me updated at every stage. They are a pleasure to work with. Keep up the good work!

Sharon McGuiness – Location Manager

Batman/World War Z/James Bond/X-Men

Location HQ is very reliable. They always get back to me quickly and I love the fact that they have a member of their team present at each stage of filming. The sales team and shoot team are incredibly friendly. Great value for money considering the amount of leg work they do.

Lex Donovan – Location Manager

Fast and Furious/Eternals/Star Wars/Indiana Jones/Justice League

Very professional. I love the customer service! Becky in Sales has always been a great help in the past and does what it takes to get the job over the line.

There’s a great variety of locations to choose from and they seem to be adding more every week. I would recommend them as they have always come through for me.  

David Biswell – Location Manager

Silent Witness

I was the location manager on Silent Witness and was looking for a multi-site that could fit a selection of briefs set by our creative team. Location HQ where extremely helpful in helping me source, secure and facilitate the former Burnham School which ticked many of our boxes. Excellent service with everything from setting up the initial reccy to the final signing off on contracts.

Paul Marsh

Coryton Oil Refinery 

Location HQ has introduced a large number of Hollywood productions to the site, including Batman and Star Wars. This has been a welcome new revenue stream whilst we have been seeking planning permission for the site.

These productions have involved huge set ups with hundreds of people onsite for weeks at a time. It is logistically challenging, but they always deliver. We would absolutely recommend them to other industrial sites.


HomeSense Commercial

Our first foray into renting out our house for filming came just a few weeks ago. Both my husband and I were a bit unsure about it because the dates required were going to be after we had left the UK for a 3-week holiday.

A ‘reccy’ day was going to be required and then a filming day. We were a bit nervous I have to say because a friend had warned us that he knew of horrendous situations that people had come home to. However, by chance, a friend of my daughter who had had some experience of location work reassured us that all the companies she had worked with had been extremely professional.

In the end, we decided to risk it and she was right! We came home to find the house virtually as we’d left it and even our neighbours were impressed by the consideration they’d been shown by the crew. Our daughter, who lives nearby – had dealt with things – keys, etc – on the day and said she found all the crew helpful and super-professional!

Two or three very minor problems were dealt with immediately by the ever-helpful Rebecca Shoobert at Location HQ and we would now have no hesitation in having our home used again.

Katherine Doubleday – StudioSmall


We can vouch that working with Becky at LocationHQ was an enjoyable and seamless process from start to finish. From confirming budgets and paperwork, to overseeing the recce and the shoot day, through to advising on small details such as parking and applicable shoot permits, she was the font of all knowledge as well as being extremely helpful and responsive. We wouldn’t hesitate to endorse using LocationHQ in the future.

Location Owner

Working with Location HQ is always a pleasure. Our most recent job with them, which we booked through Becky, went extremely smoothly. It was a lovely crew and a really nice day for everyone.

Becky guided us through every step of the process, from initial enquiry, to a recce, booking, and then following up after the shoot day to make sure that everything went to plan.

I would recommend Location HQ to anyone looking to book a fab location, as well as anyone considering becoming a location property. You will be well looked after!