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Luxurious Modern House

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Essex, Epping Forest, 16 miles to M25

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This opulent, contemporary, luxurious modern house boasts expansive outdoor areas with a majestic glass entrance that befits its elegant character. Distinguished by its sleek modernity, the property exhibits an exquisite sense of symmetry. An ample infusion of natural light exists throughout its interior.
Upon entry, a designer kitchen greets visitors, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. As you ascend the grand staircase at the entrance, a glass-surround balcony artfully ensconces it, allowing the property’s grandeur to unfold. This architectural masterpiece offers myriad possibilities for film and television production crews of various sizes.
A superb American double, the residence includes a state-of-the-art cinema room, a spacious games room, and substantial open-plan areas. A sprawling bedroom featuring a full-length glass window that offers a breathtaking view of the property’s facade. A diversity in spaces makes this luxurious modern house an ideal canvas for cinematic endeavour’s in the world of film and television production, along with commercial/stills shoots.


10 parking spaces


Green rooms

6 toilets

Unit bases on site

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