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The Grade 1 Listed Manor

Ref: 123709

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Essex, Essex, 10 miles from M25

Nearest Station

Epping tube, Shenfield railway station, bus stop at end of drive


Nestled within the picturesque landscape of the Georgian countryside, the Marvellous Georgian red brick manor house, with its distinctive U-plan shape, stands as a testament to architectural elegance and historical significance. This exceptional estate boasts a three-story, seven-bay central block intricately connected to two-story pavilions on either side, rendering an iconic and symmetrical silhouette.
Constructed in the 1780s, the manor’s interiors exude the Adamesque style’s timeless charm, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship and artistic details that transport visitors to a bygone era. Notably, a striking ceiling mural by the esteemed artist John Churchill graces the manor, adding a touch of artistic grandeur to its already rich heritage.
The manor is a remarkable Grade 1 listed building, representing the highest level of historical and architectural importance. Furthermore, the estate is adorned with other significant structures, including the lodges, the enchanting orangery, an attached wall, and a stately stable block, all of which are individually listed as Grade II heritage sites.
This location presents a wealth of opportunities for those in the film and TV production industry. The manor’s spacious interior offers ample room for accommodating a whole crew and cast, and the family’s flexibility ensures a seamless and accommodating filming experience. Whether your project requires an aristocratic setting, a period piece, or an elegant backdrop, the Marvellous Georgian manor provides a versatile canvas for your creative vision.
The estate also features a variety of distinct spaces, including a splendid Grand Hall and a majestic staircase that offers sweeping visuals. The well-appointed study, the stately stable, and a myriad of rooms further enhance the possibilities for your production. The extensive grounds, complete with a tranquil lake, extend the cinematic potential even beyond the manor’s walls.
An exquisite Neo-Austrian-Baroque pavilion accompanies a splendid swimming pool, allowing for scenes of luxury and leisure. With its meticulous preservation and timeless charm, the Marvellous Georgian manor offers a captivating setting that can bring your cinematic vision to life, transporting your audience to a different era of elegance and grace.


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