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The Lakeside Georgian Country House

Ref: 185637

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Hertfordshire, 18 Miles from London


Nestled within its own expansive estate, this Georgian country house exudes timeless elegance, offering a picturesque backdrop for the film and television industry. Boasting a rich historical charm, the property features meticulously maintained walled gardens, a spacious terrace balcony that commands sweeping vistas, and the quintessential dormer windows that define its architectural splendour.

Adorning the estate is a captivating castle folly, an architectural masterpiece that adds depth to the landscape. Beyond this, a second folly, a testament to whimsical design, provides an enchanting element for creative storytelling.

An idyllic lake enhances the property, offering serene waters that mirror the beauty of the surroundings, and affording filmmakers the opportunity for striking scenes of reflection and tranquility.

The heart of the house, a grand country kitchen, is adorned with classical touches that harken back to a bygone era. Painted wood paneling evokes a sense of timeless tradition, while a soaring double-height ceiling lends an air of grandeur and spaciousness.

Additionally, a monumental period kitchen provides an unparalleled stage for culinary storytelling. With its abundant space, vintage charm, and an impressive array of period-appropriate fixtures, this kitchen is sure to transport viewers to a different era.

This Georgian country house on its meticulously curated estate stands as a versatile canvas for the film and television industry, offering an enchanting blend of historical authenticity, breathtaking vistas, and a range of distinctive interiors to bring any production to life.

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