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Contemporary Country House

Ref: 575405

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Nestled in the heart of the countryside, this contemporary country house boasts approximately 7,800 square feet and accommodates 5 bedrooms. This remarkable property offers a haven of modern luxury. At its core lies a captivating split-level sitting/dining area spanning an impressive 44 feet. Natural light pours in through its soaring vaulted ceiling, suffusing it with brightness. This space also features panoramic views of the sprawling garden, predominantly characterised by a tranquil pond, making it the heart of the home.

Adjacent is a generously sized open-plan kitchen/breakfast room which commands attention. It offers a seamless integration with the main living area. Through its circular window, one can enjoy glimpses of the grandeur within and the lush expanse of the garden beyond.

Ascend the spiral staircase to the first mezzanine floor, which gracefully overlooks the main room. Here, two elegantly appointed bedrooms await, promising both comfort and privacy. Another spiral staircase ascends to reveal two additional bedrooms, completing the uppermost level of this architectural masterpiece.

An indoor pool complex awaits exploration, featuring a sprawling 51-foot pool alongside a well-equipped gym, offering the ultimate in relaxation and recreation.

Embodying contemporary elegance and unparalleled sophistication, this Contemporary Country House provides an idyllic setting for filming projects seeking to capture the essence of modern luxury living.


10 parking spaces

Green rooms

3 toilets

Unit bases off site

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