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Photograph a Property

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How to photograph your property


You want to show your location in the best possible way. So before picking up the camera walk round your property and make sure it is clean and tidy (unless you are going for the lived in look), remove any personal items you do not wish to be seen on the website or used for filming like personal photographs etc. Then decide what to photograph.

What to photograph?

Decide which rooms you are willing to be used as a location. Bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, garden, garage and even the garden shed. The more you photograph the more likely your Location will be used. Just because you think the room is uninteresting doesn't mean a filmmaker will think the same. Think about your property and its best features, do you have a Victorian fireplace, a creepy old cellar, a Model Railway set up in the attic, a large country kitchen or an ultra modern bathroom? Any unique, unusual, modern or original features will help promote your property to the right client.

Once you have decided which rooms to photograph and which features to highlight you can pick up the camera.

How to take your photographs.

Take photographs in natural daylight do not use a flash. Now go outside your property and take photographs of the outside, the front, back, access to the property and the general surrounding area as viewed from your property. Photograph the front door and as you enter the property take the client on a journey through your location. First the hall, then the rooms off the hall, etc. We need at least 4 or 5 photographs of each room to get the best possible appreciation of the space and the features. We suggest you look at the existing properties on our website to get a general feel for what we require.

Send us your Photographs

The easiest way to send the photographs via our website Click Here.  Alternatively you can upload your images via http://www.wetransfer.com and enter friends email as register@locationhq.co.uk. In the message area please put your name and first line of address for our reference please also complete the registration form Click Here