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The Parsonage – The Stables

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Somerset, Somerton, 2hrs from M25

Nearest Station

Yeovil Junction Train Station (12 miles)


Nestled in a picturesque setting, The Stables presents a unique opportunity for filmmakers and photographers seeking a versatile and captivating location. Originally repurposed for family living, this one-story haven seamlessly combines historic charm with contemporary comfort, offering two bedrooms, two reception rooms, and a stylish kitchen.

Once a functional stable, The Stables has undergone a thoughtful conversion into a singular one-story residence, preserving its historic character while embracing modern design. Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, each bedroom provides a canvas for intimate scenes or character development. Bathed in natural light, these adaptable spaces cater to a range of storytelling needs, from lively social interactions to contemplative moments. The heart of The Stables, blending vintage aesthetics with contemporary functionality, offering a unique setting for culinary scenes or familial interactions.

The Stables’ layout and ambiance make it a versatile choice for creatives. Whether filming a period piece, a contemporary drama, or capturing the essence of a fashion shoot, this location effortlessly adapts to your vision.

For those seeking a location that transcends the ordinary, The Stables offers an enchanting fusion of history and modernity. Its unique charm, versatile spaces, and ethereal ambiance make it a premier choice for film, TV, and photo shoot productions, inviting storytellers to bring their narratives to life in a setting that captivates both the eye and the imagination.


5 parking spaces


1 toilet

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