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The Lounge Bar

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, City of London, 20 Miles to M25

Nearest Station

Aldgate / Liverpool Street


Discover our lounge bar amidst the bustling heart of London. Nestled within this concrete metropolis, the Lounge Bar embodies an unparalleled blend of sophistication and relaxation.

Recently established it is strategically situated in central London. Comprising of polished wood floors that exude a timeless elegance and charm and a well-stocked cocktail bar to cater for the most discerning of tastes.

The Lounge Bar boasts a seating area which provides intimacy and comfort. The perfect setting for individuals to unwind and converse. The stage is designed for live musical performances. It lends an ambiance to the location, enabling it to effortlessly adapt to various moods and themes. This adaptability makes it a prime choice for film and television productions.

Furthermore, the Lounge Bar’s subterranean space serves as a versatile asset for production teams. With its multiple holding areas it serves as an indispensable resource to accommodate the logistical requirements of any project.

With a distinct jazz-inspired theme, this location add an extra layer of character and depth to its appeal, making it an ideal setting for film and television.

The Lounge Bar in central London offers an enticing fusion of modern sophistication, convenience, and versatlity. Its ambiance, coupled with its strategic amenities, enables it to serve as a tranquil canvas within the bustling metropolis, where artists and creators can invigorate their souls and produce exceptional visual narratives.



Green rooms

2 toilets

Three-phase power

Holding rooms

Floor plans

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