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The Modern Victorian School Multi-Site

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London, Tower Hamlets, East London

Nearest Station

Bethnal Green tube


This versatile location also boasts a well-appointed production base, with set build options that allow you to shape the environment to your narrative’s specific needs. Workshops, production offices, parking and unit base. Production offices equipped with modern amenities ensure seamless operations, while a wide range of spaces offers boundless creative location opportunities.

Notably, the vibrant Shoreditch House is conveniently located a mere mile away, providing a vibrant backdrop for after-hours relaxation and networking opportunities.

Nestled within the heart of East London, this impeccably maintained educational institution seamlessly marries the architectural grandeur of the Victorian era with contemporary design elements. A visual testament to the juxtaposition of two distinct styles, the school offers a remarkable canvas for your television and film endeavors.

Upon entry, the student entrance hall beckons with its timeless charm, while a grand Victorian vaulted hall, complete with mezzanine seating, evokes an air of grandeur that harks back to a bygone era. This captivating juxtaposition continues throughout the venue, where floor-to-ceiling glass-windowed classrooms, elevated walkways, and wrought-iron staircases seamlessly blend old-world elegance with modern functionality.

The extensive hallways stretch out, unveiling a myriad of classroom styles, each offering a unique backdrop for your creative vision. In addition, a spacious boardroom stands ready to accommodate your production meetings, fostering an environment conducive to brainstorming and planning.

For those seeking elevated perspectives, the rooftop areas provide stunning city views, adding an urban flair to your cinematic compositions. The assembly halls, sports hall, communal areas, and the vibrant playground offer diverse settings to infuse your production with depth and variety.

In sum, this East London school is more than just a location; it’s a canvas that seamlessly fuses history with modernity, offering a multitude of possibilities for your TV and film projects. Its meticulously maintained spaces, diverse settings, and exceptional amenities make it a fabulous choice for your next production venture.



Green rooms

Production offices

Three-phase power

Holding rooms

Unit bases on site

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