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French Farmhouse

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, Froumigué 47300, 680 miles from London

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Nestled atop a picturesque valley, Froumigué stands as a captivating 300-year-old French farmhouse with a distinct rustic charm. Spanning across two hectares of scenic land, this timeless location offers a unique backdrop for film and television productions.

The farmhouse itself exudes character with its well-preserved historical architecture, providing filmmakers an authentic setting that captures the essence of a bygone era. While the interiors bear the marks of time and await restoration, the spacious rooms within Froumigué are exceptionally large, presenting an ideal canvas for creative filming.

Froumigué boasts breathtaking panoramic views which surround the farmhouse and contribute to the overall cinematic experience. Filmmakers can take advantage of the stunning natural scenery, seamlessly integrating it into their storytelling.

Conveniently located just 5km from the medieval town of Villeneuve sur Lot. Froumigué provides easy access to a historical backdrop for period pieces or scenes requiring an authentic European setting. Additionally, the proximity to the bastide villages of Pujols and Penne d’Agenais, both recognized as ‘most beautiful in France.’

Froumigué blends the allure of a centuries-old French farmhouse with the convenience of nearby historic towns. With its rustic charm, and captivating views, Froumigué stands as a canvas for filmmakers.


20 parking spaces


3 toilets

Unit bases on site

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