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Greater London


Exclusive to Location HQ Goodmayes Hospital. 95% empty, many new areas to film. Some of the longest corridors in London. Mental health wards. Hospital wards. Edwardian and Victorian offices. Brick courtyards. Morgue and treatment rooms. Doubles well as a Victorian London Asylum.

Distance from london

East London


Government Buildings , Hospitals, Public Buildings, Stairs, Halls and Corridors, Halls and Corridors, Interiors , Offices, Derelict and Empty, Industry and Commerce, Production Offices, Commercial Multisite, Multisites, Exclusive Locations


Edwardian, Red Brick , Victorian, Empty, Hospital, Asylum, office, Hospital, production offices, Exclusive Locations, commercial multisite, Empty and derelict, Government buildings


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Other notes

Tech parking and unit basing on site.