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ref : 815860




Gargantuan industrial site. Currently unoccupied. Only 10 miles from the M25. Huge range of industrial spaces. Roadways, piers, chimneys, industrial ponds, storage towers, offices, port terminals, transport terminals, warehouses, control rooms, ship docking, huge cranes, vast hard standing, production offices, to name a few. A playground for action films. Multiple set builds possible.

Distance from london

10 miles from the M25


Docks, Rivers and Canals, Derelict, Wasteland & Graffiti, Urban, Roads, Transport, Waterworks and Reservoirs, Offices, Docks, Ships, Boats & Yards, Derelict and Empty, Heavy Industry, Warehouses, Industry and Commerce, Production Offices, Commercial Multisite, Industrial Multisite, Multisites, Exclusive Locations


Warehouse, Distressed, Concrete, Derelict, Empty, Rundown, Brutalist , control rooms


Waterworks, Industrial ponds, office block, office available on a weekday, office space, office, hardstanding, hard standing, hardstanding set build space, hard standing set build space, storage warehouse, Gasometers, security gates, security gate, security fence, pier, pier, control room, control room , controls, control room , control panel, airport terminal, transport terminal, airport interior, production offices, airport terminal, warehouse, chimney industrial, chimney, security gate, security fence, pipes industrial, controllable street, road, controllable road, pipes industrial, pipes, Set Build, pipe, hard standing, set build space, hardstanding set build space, hardstanding, hard standing set build space, Exterior set build space, cast concrete, container, containers, refinery, storage unit, brutalist, road, industrial feel, industrial multisite, industrial site, commercial multi site, industrial dereliction, industrial, Commercial multisite

Other notes

Tech parking and unit basing on site.