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College Campus Multi-Site

Ref: 173661

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Surrey, Surrey, 5 miles from M25

Nearest Station

London Road


Embark on a diverse filming journey at our extraordinarily vast college campus multi-site. Would make a great production base with internal and exterior build spaces, workshops, offices and plenty of locations for scenes. Tonnes of parking. Architectural styles collide and feature elements of brutalist, modern, classical, and art deco designs. This dynamic setting offers a visual feast with multi-level roof access, a grand assembly hall, and lecture theatres. With a diverse range of classroom styles, corridors, wood panelled areas, a hospital ward, and controllable blocks, this is an excellent multi-site. Explore the variety of specialised spaces like hair and beauty salons, industrial kitchens, production office potential, and an exterior hardstanding area.

Fully controllable and available weekdays, our vast and varied college campus multi-site provides a versatile backdrop for your film or photography project.

Parking on site and interior set-build space available.



Green rooms

Production offices

Floor plans

Unit bases on site

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