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The Pumping Station

Ref: 580041

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Exclusive to Location HQ. Exquisitely Maintained Victorian Pumping Station Amidst an Authentic Victorian Warehouse Setting. Nestled within the confines of an impeccably preserved Victorian warehouse, this remarkable property offers a unique and evocative backdrop for your filming needs. This cinematic gem boasts a rich tapestry of architectural features, including a historic pumphouse, labyrinthine alleyways, awe-inspiring vaulted ceilings, captivating mezzanines, elegantly raised iron gangways, and an assortment of meticulously maintained period industrial machinery seamlessly interwoven with expansive warehousing spaces. This location is distinguished by its grand industrial ambiance, meticulously curated distressed patina, and an abundance of natural light streaming through its cavernous interiors, making it an ideal choice for doubling as a factory setting. The property’s multitude of textures, spanning from weathered brickwork to timeworn metal accents, promises to add depth and authenticity to your production. In addition to its visual splendor, this location offers practical advantages for your filming needs. The property is equipped with essential technical infrastructure and provisions for unit basing, ensuring a seamless production experience. Moreover, the setting is fully controllable, affording you the creative latitude to tailor the space to your specific vision. Conveniently situated in London, this property stands ready to accommodate your filming requirements. With its rich history and versatile aesthetic, it promises to imbue your project with an unmistakable aura of industrial allure.

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Unit and Tech parking on site

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