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The Old RAE Military Base Facility

Ref: 914149

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This expansive facility, formerly utilised as a military testing complex, boasts a diverse array of versatile spaces ideally suited for the dynamic realm of film and television production. Within its premises, one can discover an assortment of locations, each thoughtfully tailored to cater to the intricate needs of the filmmaking process. These encompass expansive warehouses, purposeful production offices, atmospheric basements, meticulously designed set construction areas, intricate control rooms, realistic roadscapes, and authentic testing facilities.

Furthermore, our facility offers several supplementary advantages that are pivotal to the seamless execution of any production endeavor. These include convenient and secure parking facilities for technical equipment, the availability of three-phase power infrastructure to meet the most demanding electrical requirements, and on-site unit bases for efficient and organized production logistics.

Our commitment to supporting the success of your film and television productions is at our heart. Explore the boundless possibilities within this exceptional space, and elevate your production to new heights.


Other notes

Tech parking and unit basing on site.


Three-phase power

Unit bases on site

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