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The Vacant Hotel

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Location HQ proudly presents an exclusive offering: a vacant hotel property, replete with an array of captivating spaces. This versatile locale boasts an array of meticulously designed areas, each infused with its unique character and charm.

From the inviting ambiance of the bar area to the luxurious and well-appointed bedrooms, this property offers an impressive array of options for film and television productions. The expansive lobby, elegant restaurants, and spacious dining areas provide a multitude of settings to enhance your creative vision.

The long, winding corridors, set against a backdrop of striking architectural elements, offer endless possibilities for visually captivating scenes. Additionally, the generously proportioned conference and meeting rooms, accompanied by a resplendent ballroom, cater to a broad spectrum of production needs.

The reception area, a focal point of this remarkable location, exudes sophistication and refinement, making it the ideal choice for pivotal scenes in your project. And let’s not forget the meticulously equipped industrial kitchen, ready to accommodate the most demanding culinary requirements.

In sum, this extraordinary site serves as a truly remarkable multisite location, allowing filmmakers and photographers to explore their creative potential in a setting brimming with cinematic and photographic allure. Don’t miss the opportunity to make this captivating property the backdrop for your next masterpiece.

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